A Thought Or Two

I need to..
Release this…
Maybe it’s an anxiety,
Going higher,
Getting higher,
…Closer to my dreams,
Sealed up the left half of me,
…Seamless seams,
Become a little heartless baby,
The world is so mean,
And easy is overdone,
And – And living a life that is sane and lifeless,
Ain’t no fun,
Free lady,
Keep trading all those bags in,
Get a little groovy baby,
Interlude me baby,
Perdue me baby,
I don’t know..
How come a woman can’t be filled with anger?
But rather looked at for danger,
I need a tab
Or a dab,
Where are you Mr. Rager?
I need you,
Like the people want their savior,
You probably think I need prayer,
A baptism,
Or an exorcism,
But would be fine with just a simple lair,
What is it about the lack of want,
That keeps love in the air,
The continuous cycle of wicked games,
And crucial affairs,
I can’t feel,
I can’t feel a damn thing,
And all I ever asked for was patience,
Because it seems so serene,
The lack of it probably is blocking my dreams,
Tell me,
Is it better to be heard or seen?
Can you see my screams?
Taste my thoughts?
Smell my strengthened spleen?
I stay ready,
For all if this shit,
And I wasn’t even ready today,
But it didn’t bother me a bit,
I just,
Invested that energy into writing this clip


Ten years

Today is the day that I wrote my first blog!!! I’m just a young and talented writer looking for insight and hoping to form connections between myself and you all! I cannot wait to see where I am and reflect in 10 years!!!

Hoarded Ordinaries



Hanging out


On the fringe

Hippies in furs

Retro hippies

Earth goddesses

The photos illustrating today’s post come from Hippie Chic, a collection of 1960s- and ’70s-era clothing that was on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts this past summer: a bit of grooviness I never got around to blogging.

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I can fuck you better,
Yeah I said it,
I could get u wetter,
Measure the surplus of pleasure,
Invest in ya pussy,
Because I do that seldom,
Telling me to bring it back to life,
But I’d probably make it deader,
I’m addicted,
Probably just the idea of you,
Ya girl is trash,
Taking all ya cash,
Yet stealing you is something I won’t do,
But I want to,
Kinda waiting to see if you’d actually fall through.
And I don’t mean to,
But I love you,
Come upstairs one night,
Let me show you the room,
Fuck your mind,
Then you,
Or maybe you should go first,
So everything could be done times two,
Because you probably won’t be able to move,
Legs paralyzed,
Man doomed,


The Calm

Too often I’m consumed,
Thoughts blowing up like grenades,
Emotions swooning me entity like typhoons,
Today I was cool,
Back at it again,
Today I was chill,
But I still played a dangerous game,
And who else better to partner up with than Mary Jane?


Serenades to a straight girl

How are you?
And how often do you smile?
I’ve seen you around,
Even thought of laying you down,
More often thought of showing you the town,
How about it?
You and I could be worthwhile,
Ya know,
There’s something about your fumes,
The way they graciously exhume,
Even though your the most mute out of the entire room,
My heart is doomed,
And you are to blame,
Feeding this crush with your delicious flames,
Allowing dreaming eyes,
And butterflies,
To come with your name,
You drive me insane,
But I love this lane,
And because you’re straight,
I’m petrified,
Because you have me thinking of rules that shouldn’t exist,
Like how long should I wait to plant a kiss,
Or is it me or him that you miss,
I’m trying to avoid a diss,
And I’m not trying to turn you out,
But I hope you won’t use me as a chance to live and reminisce,
But as a chance to eclipse,
Cover one another’s souls,
Like chocolate dipped,
That I’ll feed you,
Knead you when you come home from a long day at work,
And no I’m not Eminent,
But I am bizzerk,
Because your curves are a curse,
And to trace them,
I’d gladly do the devils work,
Baby girl am I your first?
Well I’m glad to take the title,
So how about it,
You and I against our rivals.


Chain smoker

I’m a chain smokin,
Good looking,
See me,
Baby girl,
Or angel,
Imagine me,
Like the pink lettering and gold sparkles,
On the Baby Phat jackets,
Back in the day,
Specifically jean,
Call me ma,
Prefer my edges laid,
This is a Good Ass Outro,
But I don’t want this shit to end,
You’re my Favorite Song,
Got gold on your tongue,
Lick me clean,
Did that slip?
That was so obscene,
Sorry I had to be so mean,
At least ya lookin,
And I’m seen,
No more screens,
I wanna really feel you lean,
Then I can make you scream,
In the backseat of ya Cadi,
The American scene,


Good Acid

Move me
Rub me down,
Scrounge around,
Amuse me,
If anything is done tonight,
I wanna make sure it’s that you do me,
Screw me,
Like I’m playing the little school girl act you probably like,
I planted my love,
That took you by surprise,
Bc u know I am a Gemini,
And I was supposed to be the master of disguise,
But I showed you the side of yourself u love most,
Sex game considered A1,
I’ve heard every single boast,
But I know that ya pussy feels my mind too,
That’s why my plants didn’t move you,
I moved you,
And that’s why you cheesed right after,
We might as well have been standing in some Acid Rain,
How quick that shit came,
And I hope that you came,
Or that Vicky and her friend had a slight distraction,
I am a new man,
I am Youified,
Let’s get lost,
We could find the 8th wonder,
But we could look for the other 7 as well,
Sit with me,
Really sit with me,
Bitch with me,
Just make sure you never switch on me,
What’s good gangstas?
I don’t know,
Let’s find out,
Reserve beside me,
My mind stays in the clouds,
I think I’m done lol.