Pt 1

You are…
A woman.
You know it,
Yet you still can’t believe that you were my first one.
I’ve done girls before,
Done them right and left,
But you did me right,
And still haven’t left.
I’m wondering how someone of your couture could see the beauty in a being like myself,
I’m confident baby,
But I can’t think of another who would describe my worth to them as wealth.

I appreciate you.
Because your beauty surpasses that of Cleopatra’s,
And everyone should know who she was,
Because then and only then would they know who you are to me.
Far more than a Queen.

The way you look at me out of your peripheral,
You didn’t think I knew.

I can’t help but theorize that you may be the Penny to my Leonard,
And I could respectfully bang you until nothing but us seems as big anymore.
I long to wear your love as my facial decor.

You are…
A woman.
You showed me that I am one as well,
I’m a product of your intricate mold,
Wouldn’t frown upon a life with ya,
But only time will tell,
I promise to use my time wisely.

A masterpiece really,
Don’t try to discourage me from bellowing sweet songs in your name,
I need to let it be known,
And in that I will never be ashamed,
You are mine.
I’m yours,
No further need to explain.


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