I want to be your friend first,
How about we start from a bromance,
Slow dance,
Feel my heart pound on your chest,
I feel you better than your bros can,
Do you posses love in your heart?
Or is it grasped tightly in your unopened hands,
The way you move is undeniably divine,
I am longing to understand,
Serenades to you,
Trying to express how my heart flutters when you move,
Only no amount of words could ever do,
Like chocolate,
You’re so smooth,
Like that new album I just bought,
You’re a classic,
Always ecstatic,
Slacking on my loving,
Because you only want mine?
Your motive is so supreme,
Not sure if I could actually let my heart recline,
I’ve taken off my leather pants,
And changed into sweat,
Metaphorically because I’m trying to unwind,
You’re like a wild flower,
Like a wild fire,
Got me rising high


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