Clue less

Lips pressed downward like the arches of mcdonalds because you are sickening.
Utterly identifiable,
U were supposed to be reliable,
Yet you are acting as though you are not liable for the childish shit you just allowed to take place.
Next time let her hear you before you close ya mouths gates.
Why are you so damn weak dude,
Fill me in,
Don’t try to make me understand because I refuse to register stupidity,
I just need a clue.



Is this a joke?
Is your ego as easily matched to that of having the front seat?
And is the woman you think is yours so scared of you as to let you have that.
Please have that.
Let her tag behind you like a rag
Her down because you are too concerned with the material rather than her intellect along with best interests and it’s sad
Frankly because she’s too foolish to be free,
Quite nauseating,
Believe me.