Clue less

Lips pressed downward like the arches of mcdonalds because you are sickening.
Utterly identifiable,
U were supposed to be reliable,
Yet you are acting as though you are not liable for the childish shit you just allowed to take place.
Next time let her hear you before you close ya mouths gates.
Why are you so damn weak dude,
Fill me in,
Don’t try to make me understand because I refuse to register stupidity,
I just need a clue.



Is this a joke?
Is your ego as easily matched to that of having the front seat?
And is the woman you think is yours so scared of you as to let you have that.
Please have that.
Let her tag behind you like a rag
Her down because you are too concerned with the material rather than her intellect along with best interests and it’s sad
Frankly because she’s too foolish to be free,
Quite nauseating,
Believe me.



I want to be your friend first,
How about we start from a bromance,
Slow dance,
Feel my heart pound on your chest,
I feel you better than your bros can,
Do you posses love in your heart?
Or is it grasped tightly in your unopened hands,
The way you move is undeniably divine,
I am longing to understand,
Serenades to you,
Trying to express how my heart flutters when you move,
Only no amount of words could ever do,
Like chocolate,
You’re so smooth,
Like that new album I just bought,
You’re a classic,
Always ecstatic,
Slacking on my loving,
Because you only want mine?
Your motive is so supreme,
Not sure if I could actually let my heart recline,
I’ve taken off my leather pants,
And changed into sweat,
Metaphorically because I’m trying to unwind,
You’re like a wild flower,
Like a wild fire,
Got me rising high


Pt. 2

You are the clouds that help form my leaves,
The one who makes me believe,
Want to conceive,
Your imaginary seed,
Because you are so real..

And these words that I write to you just does not seal the deal,
Worth every single daisy you have ever dreamed of holding,
Your favorite flowers so it seems ideal.

If I ruled the world I couldn’t,
Not if you aren’t by my side,
Black diamonds and pearls to line the deep collarbones you let my once troubled mind lye,
Imagine that.

Even more vast than the sky,
And I just recently flew on a plane,
So I can better explain just how you make my soul fly,
I’d go to the moon for you 2 times,
Because that’s where my entity resides,
And I just have to bring you with me.


Pt 1

You are…
A woman.
You know it,
Yet you still can’t believe that you were my first one.
I’ve done girls before,
Done them right and left,
But you did me right,
And still haven’t left.
I’m wondering how someone of your couture could see the beauty in a being like myself,
I’m confident baby,
But I can’t think of another who would describe my worth to them as wealth.

I appreciate you.
Because your beauty surpasses that of Cleopatra’s,
And everyone should know who she was,
Because then and only then would they know who you are to me.
Far more than a Queen.

The way you look at me out of your peripheral,
You didn’t think I knew.

I can’t help but theorize that you may be the Penny to my Leonard,
And I could respectfully bang you until nothing but us seems as big anymore.
I long to wear your love as my facial decor.

You are…
A woman.
You showed me that I am one as well,
I’m a product of your intricate mold,
Wouldn’t frown upon a life with ya,
But only time will tell,
I promise to use my time wisely.

A masterpiece really,
Don’t try to discourage me from bellowing sweet songs in your name,
I need to let it be known,
And in that I will never be ashamed,
You are mine.
I’m yours,
No further need to explain.



I knew this was the right choice
Kinda loud
But I’m in my own bubble
Y’all can’t hear
I want a lighter,
Stopped saying need because
The only things I fucking need are food and water?
More like beans or marijuana,
I came in just now because I forgot her,
But I didn’t hurt her because I met her openly in the middle,
In between all my charades
Let me keep my eyes closed.
I wanted to stop and write immortal.
Give me the green light.
I wasn’t gonna stop anyway open your
Which ever one you wNt.
I could use a nap or a long sleep,
Although I don’t dream.
I wish I had more,
I got a taste of good, now I’m giving all you’ve got to feed me.
Still giving back.


Lost boys

I want to greet that great thought back fuck I just lost it.
Now it will be recycled inside my brain,
One day becoming the main frame,
But who told you how many years my brain has seen
My age is one that is small in proportion to my dreams,
I’m squeamish because I went back to smooth over some errors,
I looked up again,
And enjoyed the silence this time,
What a pieceful morning,
I can barely piece it together myself,
But I know that time was ironically beneficial to my health,
And maybe most likely to my death
But I’m here now.
I was gonna let that go, I really was.
But understand.
I’m trying now.