Well at least let me love you the same..
So you’re telling me you want to make an exchange
Like of hearts
Or brains?
Let me roll up,


Not done yet

Not much has happened in the last 5 minutes since I wrote that last piece,
But here I am.
Printing ink on these white loose leafs.
Have you ever been so proud of something that you do so well
That you
Do it
For attendance,
Of an audience because you want to get all the attention?
Me either,
I simply gaze up from my notepad in opportunity of recognition.
I’m a little twisted,
Sick in the head
There are no more rooms
Although every patient is dead,
Did you think I meant something a little more mystic,
How about you reach round your neck and chew that trippy mushroom,
Broke ya teeth on it,
Sorry ma,
I just didn’t want you to possibly play me before I play you,
Don’t misconstrued,
I’m not the devils muse,
Doubt you wouldn’t openly accuse
Because sometimes compromise is just better,
And if you did you’d hit me up a few hours later asking “hi, how are you”
Like I’ll stop before my motives mistakenly diffuse,
Attraction is attraction though,
I think you’d be a liar liar
With pants for hire
If questioned and still tried to act confused…..

Damn this is a comfortable silence.
Not really,
Yet it’s still awkwardly inviting.



Still seeing somewhat of an acid vision,
I’m not sure why I wanted to write,
I’m pausing,
In and out
I guess my thumbs were itchin.
I guess I can still feel something
Cause I can write a metaphor
About how my little thumbs were poor because you broke my screen and I’m still using it to type you love letters.

You look as eloquent as the swans
Shake your tail feather when you step out of that water.

This is a little more slow,
But it still goes,
I’m focused on such
But it’s really not that much
Because it rolls of ya tongue
Easily compared to the smoothness of a vanilla Dutch.

I’m starting to do this just to feel like my thoughts will be written down somewhere so that they are not only in my head,
With that being said,
Read my poems to the young people,
The Evel Kenevels,
I’m not sure who else,
Save your breath,
I don’t want to hear it utter from your prude lips,
Because we’re the only ones with a clear sense of freedom.



I was so eager to see this paper that I didn’t know where to start when I arrived.
I’m here now,
Comma because I want you beside, me,
To make my sentence make sense,
Even if you can’t make it complete.
It isn’t all as dramatic as it seems.
Your Imagination is fun,
You could say that’s where I wanna go when I demand you to take me there,
I wanna slack off so bad,
But my moms used to slack off that ass when my homework wasn’t done 2 days before it was due.
I’ll leave that one up to you,
I’m not as deep as presumed.
I have immense understanding so not only am I smart
I understand it too,
Keep spinning with you,
Fixed holographic cd roms
With all of your favorite songs,
I don’t want to sneak diss,
Admitting that still somehow made me feel childish.
I’m a child of infinity.
You’re thrown off,
If you are stay there don’t try to reprimand me,
My minds troubles were far better off without yours.
A few seconds in between where there is nothing or everything…
Have you ever had both at the same time?
It’s a cake that doubles as a pretty sinkhole.
Just like the one still hovering over your you.
There’s enough to pass around I believe it,
That’s how you stayed present for so long.
Am I wrong?
The need to keep going,
Because I’m fucking passionate,
Speaking of my writings.
Not you.
I twatched you once,
Maybe ten times,
But then I grounded that was a weird ass crazy ass mind control and I dropped my balls.
I admitted I’m crazy.
Someone in the hallway was watching me
I had to close the door
I’m home alone.
And it is dark.
What does life want with me at this instance
It can’t let me get a 5 minute shut eye.
Keeping me on my toes,
Even though there’s not a damn thing to miss.
I set myself up
I knew that what I was portraying was the deviant dustier side of me
Better now while I still got it
Probably not gonna have it tomorrow if I keep treating my life like a traders pawn shop.
I’ve seen so many knick knacks and artifacts
That prove what?
You have good taste?
Stop me if I’m not making sense but
I couldn’t help to feel you smiling through your ass,
Because that’s a funny picture.
Point taken.



I think I’m cool enough to be seen..
What does that even mean?
Attempting to scratch the surface,
But what if we weren’t the first one
I caught a glimpse of the 4D world,
Composed of entities more complex than my DNA…
But still not as complex as that square knot.
Again, perspective.
I guess you have the right to say I am not cool enough to be seen,
But the warmth on my back from you tells me differently,
And almost makes me view your opinion as a word that doesn’t rhyme.
It’s okay sometimes but if I’m not doing it everyday
Is it really worth while?
I want to revise,
But I’ll keep writing.
Don’t leave,
You heard me.


Open up

I’m cold but i
Refuse to go inside,
I have too much pride to knock on the door.
I’m old,
That’s why he bashed me saying my boobs hung to the steering wheel,
He’s mad because I can drive,
Like my life depended on it?
Okay I was gonna say let’s ride but we can pitter patter.
My visions permanently fucked by these ticks,
That’s why I brought that up,
Because it matters..
I don’t know if I’m making sense but if I say something without making sense don’t correct me just yet.


Ass umptions?

I didn’t sweat percussively
It could’ve been out of respect for your sculpture.
Your culture,
The billions of years that came before us,
Somehow knew to craft that perfect moment
It was more than one,
I’ll own it.
Tingle tingle,
Acid bells keep ringing in the distance…
Sleigh Bells forgot in that instance,
Demons that carry me like I’m weightless,
Just because my mind is gold, I know
I’m no fool far from it.
Demons, come on.
Two step with me,
Got 2 left feet never seen them move so I’ll assume,
I lost that line.